Attitude Be Bright Face Masque(100 ml)

Let Your Unique Beauty Glow Bright Attitude Be Bright Face Masque helps absorb excess oil that can cause clogged pores and leaves skin glowing.
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Manufacturer: Herbalife
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Attitude Be Bright Face Masque is invigorated with:

  • Blends of extracts from Lotus roots and Oats Kernel that help to provide bright and even toned skin.
  • Vitamin A & E help to keep skin looking youthful and skin tone.
  • Red Seaweed extract helps to revitalize skin, moisturizes and smoothen the cutaneous surface.

Attitude Be Bright Face Masque contains Brightening Complex comprising of:

  • *LumiskinTM : Special active with skin lightening properties.
  • Lotus Japonicus Symbiosome Extract- helps keep skin brighter and even toned.
  • Vitamin A & E: Antioxidants that helps to protect skin against free radicals and work towards young looking skin.

Use Instructions:

  • Clean your face with Attitude Be Bright Face Wash. Then spread Attitude Be Bright Face Masque to face and neck and leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with water.
  • For best results, use twice a week.