Attitude Lipstick (Flaming Peach)

Attitude Moisture Intense Lipstick is specially formulated to provide glossy finish, moisturizing rich coverage that glides on smoothly & is easy to apply.
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Manufacturer: Herbalife
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Attitude Intense Color Lipstick is specially formulated to provide intense and glossy color to your lips. With its perfectly melting and gliding texture, it gives you a very smooth and easy application. This luscious and creamy lipstick from attitude also helps to provide sun protection. 

The stunning shades promise the expressive glow for every skin tone. So, get a beautiful look with these lipsticks.
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Use Instructions

Start with a lip liner pencil in a color that closely matches the color of the lipstick. Make the outline just inside your natural lip line. Now fill with Lipstick and then blend. Repeat it again to a fuller look to enhance fine lips. Blot the lips with a tissue paper to make your lipstick last longer.