Attitude Toner (For Dry Skin)

Attitude gentle, refreshing toner is designed to effectively remove last traces of cleanser, make-up & dirt. Stimulates skin and leaves it feeling refreshed, cool, moist and soft.
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Manufacturer: Herbalife
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Toning is the second step in skin care regime, it does three things.

• It helps remove the excess oil from the skin's surface and doesn't leave the usual dryness caused after cleansing of the skin.

• It helps to restore the pH level of the skin.

• Prepares skin to receive the moisturiser.

The Attitude Toners are specifically designed to suit your skin type and are available for:

• Normal to Oily Skin

• Normal to Dry Skin

Other Ingredients

*OSMOGELINETM - Red Seaweed extract, Vitamin A, C & E, Natural Fruits & Botanical Extracts like Aloe Vera, Avocado and Grapeseed extracts


After Cleansing the face, saturate a cotton pad with the Toner and dab gently over face and neck. Follow with the Attitude Moisturiser. To be used twice daily.